Think Texting While Driving is Bad? Meet the Multi-Tasking Driver

When you thought texting while driving is bad, someone out there took it up a notch. Here's the multitasking driver, who's reading a book, using a Kindle AND talking on the phone at the same time while driving on the freeway. BuzzFeed has more: Link [embedded YouTube clip]

Many years ago, while riding on the school bus, I saw my own version of the multi-tasking driver: he was shaving (yes, with shaving cream and razors) while driving.

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nutbastard- Did you seriously just defend drunk driving?? Oh so b/c the person is a good person, then they should be allowed to drive drunk? Or b/c they can focus a bit better, they're OK to do it? Seriously????

You must not know anyone who has gotten hit by a drunk driver.

My brother, cousin and his girlfriend were hit by a drunk driver and they're all lucky to be alive with just scars to show for it. My brother walked away with a scar on his eyebrow (it was too the bone when it happened). My cousin walked away with only bumps and bruises. His girlfriend was in the hospital for 2 weeks because her face got completely messed up. She had to have 3 plastic surgeries to make her look normal again, minus the HUGE scars that were now permenantly etched on to her face.

Don't even talk about any of this crap being OK, especially drunk driving.
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you are aptly named, nutbastard. i say we let 'em 'practice' drinking/texting while driving within a 1 mile radius of your home
and only when your loved ones are on the road or your kids are out playing in/near the street.

you're so ridiculous that i hope you're kidding...sadly, even if you are, there are plenty who really do think like that out there.

we should drive like every car on the road carries one of our loved ones inside...because it might.
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Gee whiz, I hope @nutbastard is only kidding with his rationalization that it's OK text (or drink or whatever) while drving, as long as you are "good at it."
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I guess texting while driving becomes a bigger issue when someone you know personally has become a paraplegic because the chick that was texting ran over him while he was stopped at a 4-way (he was on a motorcycle, she was in an SUV)... she was texting at the time and had no idea there was an intersection, stopped traffic... anything. She dragged my acquaintance quite a way under her vehicle before she managed to stop. My acquaintance is paralyzed... forever... he's in his 40's, has a young son as well as grown kids.
The point here is not that she was doing something legal or illegal- the point is- she was being profoundly stupid and her action forever altered an innocent person's life... and- she has to live with it now, too. Whether or not it's legal has NOTHING to do with the stupidity of the action. People do it all the time and are all the time endangering someone else because of it. Of course, other life-altering accidents happen all the time that are completely unrelated to texting, multi-tasking, drinking (I can't even believe you have the gall to mention that- maybe you or someone you love will get hit by a drunk someday and feel differently; I don't wish it on you- it's a horrible price to pay). The part of education in this? I think we've all been educated... and Guess what? It hasn't stopped anything. I'm all in favor of laws that punish people who KNOW BETTER but do stupid stuff anyway and then, in the process, destroy other people's lives because of their irresponsible behavior.
I don't think this has anything at all to do with 'ooo- someone's breaking a rule'... and everything to do with crazy people driving and simultaneously doing something that endangers other people's lives. There is a reason why the laws were created to begin with.
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