Don't Waste That Pumpkin!

Pure Organic has an infographic with several ideas for what to do with your Jack-o-Lantern after Halloween. How about giving it to the birds?
Instead of throwing your pumpkin away, fill it with bird seed and let it serve as a feeder for birds. When it starts to get soft then compost it or refill with seeds and throw it into the woods.

I normally just paint ours for Halloween, so I can cook it later. Link -via Buzzfeed

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Don't be a spoilsport, Gauldar. You can just throw it in the woods; that way, the puppy you left there last year will have something to eat.

It's kinda sad how many people don't just compost their pumpkins in the back yard (people who ahve back yards, of course). I like to get old jack-o-lanterns for my box, and for my back garden. I'm trying to improve the soil.
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Make sure you know your municipal laws for discarding pumpkins into forested areas if they are owned by the town, because depending on where you live there's the possibility of being fined for illegal dumping. It's stupid, and they usually just give you a warning if they find out, but it’s something to know about just in case.
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I've often thought we in America have two holidays backwards; you should have the harvest festival first, with the intact pumpkins, and then carve them for the metaphorical sun-is-going-out festival.
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"Don't Waste That Pumpkin!"

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