Satellite View of a Nuclear Test Site

Yucca Flat in Nevada was the site of 827 nuclear detonations while the US enhanced its nuclear weapons. Pictured above is a Google Maps satellite view of the pock-marked surface.

Link via Boing Boing | Image: Google

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introspective, every single one of those circles was a nucluar bomb detonated underground. almost all nuclear tests done in NV since the 80s has been underground. that is a very large satallite image. most of our testing was done to ensure they will work 100% of the time in a real world action. what was also tested were different warhead structures and reliability models. and most of the explosions wernt even full bombs, but only fractions.

if you were to take the hiroshima bomb and blow it up in the middle of the tarmat at Los Angeles International airport, the blast wouldnt even leave the boundaries of the airport. nowadays, the US nuclear arsenal can put a warhead 25 times bigger on top of a trident II missil, launched at three times the speed of sound, and blow up a target over 9000 miles away in less than 7 minutes. i dont care what your beliefs are "I don't hide", you cant even RUN from that type of power. lucky that we live in such a great nation, which is truely one of a kind in history.

to begin a rant of how great america is, we couldve leveled every city in china when they sent troops to north korea, but we didnt. a great president stopped general mcarther from killing litterally millions of chinese civilians. we couldve used neautron bombs in the jungles of vietnam, but we didnt, we couldve, and still can, turn the entire middle east into one large continuous piece of glass, but we wont. any true empire in history (rome, britan, france, mongols, turks, egypt, aztecs, etc) wouldve used our once in all of history chance at the end of WW2 and conquered the world. instead of taking, we gave the world life after the entire world was burned to the ground.
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Listen to what i have to say.
Your end is inevitable and when it comes to it i will lean back and enjoy lol at you.
Can`t stand your policy nor your government and you telling to the rest of the world what it can or what it can not do ; no more.
Have had enough of you.

I hope the Big Brother IS reading this because i Want You hear me out.
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this may have been posted on neatorama. but this video created by a japanese peace activist is astonishing. the US has even allowed the british to detonate a nuclear bomb on our soil, its fantastic.

this post reminded me of this.
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