Pavlov's Cell Phone

Ian Page is conditioning himself to salivate whenever his cell phone buzzes:

For the last 8 years, whenever my cell phone received a call or text it would vibrate in my left pocket. 'Bondage Happens' is a device I wear on my head that is connected to my cell phone. Whenever I receive a call or text the phone will vibrate and the device will inject a little bit of lemon juice into my mouth, thereby conditioning me to salivate when I get a phone call. I will wear the device for 2 weeks, starting Friday October 22nd.

Link via Make | Page's Website | Screenshot: Make

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@Jessss & Seban678
I guess the reason I really don't see the point in the experiment is because it seems to me it really has been proven already. I smell bread- I'm hungry, mouth waters, stomach twitches. There are a lot of sensory inputs that always create the same reaction in me- maybe not always literally drooling- but always the same reaction. To me, it seems the above is basically attention-getting and a bit odd- the contraption on the head. (Although- he's got a good set up there with the phone rigged to trigger a lemon juice release into his mouth.) I guess it's his deal. Just seems odd to me. :)
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Because Pavlov's dogs were conditioned to salivate to he sound of a bell after it was repeatedly paired with food.

I guess the perfect example of conditioning working on humans (even when we're aware of it) is that whenever you get home after a long day, you go straight from not needing to go to the toilet to positively busting to go because out bladders know that home = toilet.

Unconditioned stimulus = toilet.
Conditioned stimulus = home that contains a toilet.
Conditioned response = BUSTING to go toilet when you approach your home.
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Well I guess the point is to see whether it will work or not.
Sure it works on dogs and pigeons etc.. but on a human being who's conscious of the experiment (since he does it on himself).. I'm not completely sure.

That's an interesting experiment anyway, I want to try it myself now (except for the "wearing a stupid contraption on my head" bit).
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And is there any relevance at all to the experiment? Who wants to salivate when their phone rings??? It seems to me the basic point has already been proven so why exactly this?
I guess I just don't get it. :(
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