Dinosaur Skull Found in Church Wall

A slab of marble in the Cathedral of St. Ambrose in Vigevano, Italy, appears to contain a cross-section of the skull of a dinosaur:

“The rock contains what appears to be a horizontal section of a dinosaur’s skull. The image looks like a CT scan, and clearly shows the cranium, the nasal cavities, and numerous teeth,” Andrea Tintori, the University of Milan paleontologist who spotted the fossil near the altar, told Discovery News.

Measuring about 30 cm (11.8 inches), the skull was cut in sections as slabs of the marble-like rock were used to build the Cathedral between 1532 and 1660.

Link via Geekosystem | Photo: Andrea Tintori, University of Milan

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That dinosaurs existed or not is irrelevant to the point of the bible. The point of the book is man's redemption and reconciliation to God and God's supremacy over all things. Instead of disputing if dinosaurs existed and if they coexisted with man, the more appropriate question in my opinion is what do dinosaurs, catfish, or sea turtles have to do with God giving us knowledge of who he is and who we are in relation to him? People spend way too much time thinking about ancilary issues and not enough time focusing on the central issue of the presence, power, and supremacy of God. The presence or absence of evolution or extinct beasts is only a smokescreen to avoid dealing the fundamentally depraved heart of man. Can someone tell me what dinosaurs have to do with THAT?
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Ah, I looked at the article, which says the rocks is fossil-bearing from the late Jurassic, so it's a possibility it may not be an example of dinosaur pareidolia.

That's kind of my point. The Bible is not meant to be a zoological compendium. Simply because an animal is not mentioned in the Bible, doesn't mean it can't have existed during Biblical times. We require stronger proof than that to disprove someone with the "dinosaurs were mentioned in Job" delusion.
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