Quittin' the Mac: How a Mac User Came to the PC Dark Side

Natania of Geeks Are Sexy is a decades-long Mac user ... but recently she came to the dark side. Here's how a Mac lover turned against Apple:

Price me out. My MacBook can’t hold its weight anymore. A new MacBook starts at about $1,000. Other laptops, however, with far better specs, running Windows or Linux, can be purchased for half that much. So, with the Mac, what I’m really paying for is the logo and the shiny factor, not the performance factor. And since I’m doing a lot of graphic design these days, not to mention gaming (which will be addressed below), specs are a lot more important than they used to be. There’s a point where you examine the specs of the machines side by side and really have to ask yourself how much the Apple software is worth. Because that’s where the price tag is.


Make it difficult for the gimpier geeks. I’ve got carpal tunnel. I can’t use a normal keyboard. Typing on the MacBook is a special kind of torture for me, so I have to buy ergonomic in order to avoid the pain. Does Apple have a version of their delightful aluminum keyboard with a gentle, ergonomic curve to it? Nope. And the newest Magic Mouse… don’t get me started on the kind of pain involved using that (seriously, did they try to make it painful? Is this some strange torture device?).


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That's not how it usually works though. People get into habits of having said problems, and think it's the norm. You'd be surprised at the amount of people that have been shocked when I tell them I've never ran a anti-virus program, and have never gotten a virus. While some of it DOES have to do with market share, most of it is MS leaving services the average person doesn't need, on by default. And caring more about market share than security.
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To each his own. I'm glad you're happy with a Mac and I hope it continues to deliver the experience you expect.

As for me, I will stay with Windows until I start to have the problems that plague everyone else.
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