People Are Awesome

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This music video for the song "Mecha Love" by Hadouken is a compilation of people doing awesome things. A very few are from viral advertising and use special effects, but the vast majority of these clips are just people doing what they do, awesomely. -via Laughing Squid

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thanks for the post. Fake or not- a lot of these made me suck in my breath and hope there were no casualties. I'm fearless like that... Pretty amazing, though, what people can do!
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i know some of these are viral marketing (ie, fake) but some are not. a lot of the bicycle footage is of Danny MacAskill, who is an amazing dirtjump/freeride/trials rider from Scotland (seriously, just type his name into Youtube and watch the video! i've seen him in person and if i could put into words how amazing he is, i'd probably get banned just for the amount of f-bombs i'd have to use to describe his riding!)

the human body is an amazing piece of machinery!
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i've always held the opinion, in light of other humans who insist on trying to be humble, that we are astoundingly and ridiculously amazing in numerous ways.

the girl through the basketball hoop video has been around forever and i'm pretty sure it's fake.

the guy moonwalking with the truck is also a fake that references this video:

also i really love the band hadouken
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The girl through the basketball hoop is also fake, surely?

I want to show this to my little boy. Do I say "people are amazing! ... Not that guy, it's totally fake, but the others are amazing!"
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