Breast Cancer Detection Device the Size of a Lunchbox

Zhipeng Wu of the University of Manchester (UK) has developed a breast scanning device that is more portable that mammogram machines. Also unlike x-ray mammography, it uses microwave technology to accomplish the same task:

[...]concerned patients can receive real-time video images in using the radio frequency scanner which would clearly and simply show the presence of a tumour.

Not only is this a quicker and less-intrusive means of testing, it also means women can be tested at GP surgeries, which could help dramatically reduce waiting times and in some cases avoid unnecessary X-ray mammography. The scanner could also be used at home for continuous monitoring of breast health.

The patented real-time radio frequency scanner uses computer tomography and works by using the same technology as a mobile phone, but with only a tiny fraction of its power.

Link via DVICE | Photo: University of Manchester

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Ok, so how long until someone discovers a cancerous tumor going through airport security and tada - life saved. Even if it's a hoax, the positive press would be amazing...
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Assume this is way prototype. Flat base area should have no pointed corners and be of a softer, round-edged material. It looks like the flashing base of a stove pipe. Then there's the bigger question: Research to show how accurate this is?

Despite my criticism, love the idea. It took me two years to get my wife to do the x-ray exam -- and they found some sort benign cyst (has wound up being 100% non-threatening). But what if it hadn't been? Those might have been two very, very critical years. A device like this might have gotten her into the formal breast exam more quickly. Esp. if it doesn't hurt. If it could be made avail. at consumer prices and its efficacy were accepted medically, I would have bought it in a heart beat.
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