The Impressive Way to Make Thai Iced Tea

You know what would be more awesome than Thai iced tea?

Thai iced tea made by this dude. Most people would stir in the sweetened condensed milk with a spoon, but not this guy. No sirree!

Take a look and prepare to be impressed: Link [embedded YouTube clip]

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The guy in the video is wearing a cap called the taqiyah, usually worn by Muslim men.

And yeah this tea is pretty common in Southeast Asia, and is known in Malaysia and Singapore as "pulled tea", with reference to its preparation method.
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I guess he means only Muslims can be trained to perform such of feat of pulled milk tea preparation. Coincidentally, a restaurant near where I live is run by a family who are also Muslim, and they don't serve alcohol due to their religion, and that drink is their specialty. They only pour it half as high though, but the longer it is, apparently the more air gets into it increasing its flavour... so they say. They also make great fried rice served in the rind of a pineapple.
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So, is it thick like molasses? he spilled a little, but impressive nonetheless.

@Clydeicus: Not sure why you indicated he's Muslim, so I assume you're somehow trolling in some obscure way. Can't see how religion enters into it, unless you can elucidate?
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