In Which I Set Myself On Fire

Theodore Gray (featured previously at Neatorama) teaches us how stunt men can go around in flames. By  setting himself on fire. On video.

There are a few perks to my job as a mad scientist, and one of them, as I recently learned, is being able to tell my colleagues that I can’t attend their terribly important meeting because I’m going to set my hand on fire. In the movies, people on fire stumble out of burning buildings all the time. If you look closely, however, you’ll notice that they are almost always fully dressed, and that they tend to keep moving. These are two important factors that make the stunt much easier.

Warning: do not try this at home. -via the Presurfer

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Seriously, I can't stomach movies with people ablaze on them, I find them extremely disturbing. In fact, I hate watching any particularly painful death, so I never quite understood how can anyone enjoy watching gore movies.
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I do a chemistry outreach program to middle / elementary schoolers, and setting the hand on fire is easily the thing they look forward the most to. Its relatively easy with the right flammable solvent.

The principle behind it is that the fire consumes the liquid solvent on your hand before it reaches the skin, so as long as you know how long it would take to consume all the liquid, you're perfectly safe.
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