Apple Shanghaied

In the bootleg markets of Shanghai, you can purchase an ePad, a iRobot, or an iPhono. You can even get an MP5 player! But I was really impressed by this guitar peripheral for the Wü game console. See these and more in a gallery of good at Classy Hands. -Thanks, Lee!

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that iPhono flip looks pretty sweet...except for the fact that it's completely missing the "T" and "Y" keys! the new QWERU keyboard layout looks like a real time saver, what with less letters to have to worry about!
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That reminds me of that episode of the Simpsons where they go to purchase a new tv and the electronics are Panaphonic, Magnetbox, and Sorny.

the dollar stores usually have the knock off brands. But most often they are just the old molds from the actual brand, that the Chinese have purchased and have gone on to continue using those molds.
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Here in Brazil the MP-whatever thing has been going on for some years on the couterfeit market. When up to 1GB MP3 players were 'da bomb', soon came the MP4's, which could play video.

Didn't take long for the MP5 to come, which could take photos on the dazzling 640x480 VGA reso. Few weeks later... The oh-so-awesome MP6, which was also a cellphone, but not as awesome as the MP7 which was a cellphone that could take 2 GSM Chips at once.

MP8, you ask? The HiPhone and its many many facets, whic now included free TV signal (yay!). From the MP9 to the MP17 (Which is the latest one I've seen on the streets being sold as the ultimate gadget... Has Wifi, 3G, takes 3 GSM Chips etc tec) it was only a matter of time.

God, I love China.
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