6 Poisonous Foods We Still Eat

Eating food that is known to be poisonous is like playing Russian Roulette. Some people believe the thrill of flirting with death is worth the risk. Then there are those foods that we all eat, but didn't know they were poisonous -like almonds!
The poison is present only in a specific species of almond, namely the “bitter” ones, which are a broader and shorter version of the sweet almond. Although each bitter almond only contains tiny amounts of cyanide, the substance is dangerous enough that it is illegal to sell raw almonds in the US. Nowadays all almonds must be processed through heating in order to eliminate germs and render the poison harmless.


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Is the question, "What do we consume on a regular basis that are poisonous if improperly prepared or taken in too large an amount?"

Off the top of my head: Mustard, Rhubarb, Salt, Liver, and the ever dangerous Dihydrogen Monoxide.
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Canola oil is another product. The original rapeseed was grown in Canada for livestock, but we were able to breed it so that some of the harmful acids were low enough in content to be safe for human consumption.
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