15 Cool and Creepy Halloween Party Foods

If you’re throwing a Halloween party this month, don’t let it be a regular old costume party. Instead, spice things up by adding some of these Halloween-themed recipes into the mix. Whether you opt to have a full dinner party or just have a few spooky beverages and snacks, these creepy cocktails and frightful foods are sure to set the perfect mood.


Every party has to have drinks and here are a few perfect brews for O Hallows’ Eve, including one virgin punch that is perfect for kid’s parties.

Perhaps the most beautiful Halloween cocktail is this Morphing Martini that changes colors from blue to fuchsia and has an impressive layer of fog over the top thanks to the addition of dry ice.

Alcoholic brain Jell-O is one of my own concoctions that involved the wonderful brain mold from the Neatorama shop. It’s delightfully sweet, looks creepy and the addition of Knox made it sturdy enough that guests were able to take slices from the brain a mess on their hands. If you replace the alcohol with water, this could also be a great kid-friendly dessert.

Swamp Juice is a fun, kid-friendly cocktail made with gummies, tapioca pearls, seltzer water, lemonade and some food coloring. Aside from the spooky look, the strange texture is sure to be a hit with kids too.


If you’re throwing a full dinner party, many of these can be repurposed as side dishes to round out your main course, but these snack-sized treats are also perfect creepy canapés.

While the potential messiness of roast tentacle au jus makes it a little intimidating for a party setting, the pure awesomeness of an alien tentacle complete with bones makes it worth buying a few party plates and forks.

For the more sophisticated monsters, these marinated mozzarella eyeballs with olive irises are both creepy looking and delicious.

These devilish eyes were actually just featured on Neatorama, but they do look awesome and would make an excellent party dish, so I couldn’t leave them out from this article.

Eyes are a particularly popular body part for these treats because they can be made from so many things. These edible zombie eyeballs are one of my favorites on the list because the sweet fruits paired with yogurt are delicious as well as gross looking.

This one may not be as spooky as the rest, but this cute spider cheese ball is a good way to sneak a traditional party favorite in. Plus, its adorability makes it perfect for kid’s parties.


Now that you’ve selected your appetizers and sides, it’s time for the main course. These three dishes are great because they offer quite a bit of variety and each looks gross in its own, special way.

This recipe for roasted fleshworm offers instructions for making the creature in two ways, with either bacon of prosciutto. The best thing about fleshworms is the impressive level of detail you can put in them, including spiky teeth and spilling guts.

If you’re throwing a kid’s party, fleshworms might be a little too spooky, but these rats in blood provide the perfect balance of ickyness with cuteness. Best of all, most little monsters will love the basic spaghetti and meatballs recipe it takes to give birth to such creatures.

For something a little more party-friendly, but still filling, the Kentucky Fried WTF on a stick is an easy-to-eat main course that is both creepy and funny.


If you’re like me, then dessert is probably your favorite part of any dinner party and Halloween-themes provide you ample opportunity to reward your twisted sweet tooth.

These Dexter-inspired blood slide suckers are a good treat for any party and certainly look awesome. Kids are sure to love them too, but hopefully they won’t have actually seen Dexter to get the reference.

These Frankenstien finger cookies are another great treat for non-dinner parties and for kids. The coconut cookies with almond fingernails are probably pretty delicious too.

This thorax cake is a marvel of disgusting dessert engineering. While it looks cool and is probably pretty tasty as it five flavors of cake with six different sauces, it requires a pretty advanced knowledge of baking, so if you have any reservations about trying to make it, you probably shouldn’t.

For something a little more simple that is still suitable for a sit-down dinner party, this gelatin heart is sure to impress as you cut into the juicy artery and blood starts spilling out. If presentation is everything than this dessert is certain to be the highlight of the evening.

If you are interested in reading more Halloween food ideas, be sure to check out these Mental Floss articles by Miss Cellania.
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Dry ice is frozen CO2 and in a small enough piece to fog up a martini glass is pretty safe. In fact, as it sublimates, it will add soda-like bubbles do the beverage. Of course, you would not want to add dry ice to shooters, however sipping your foggy brew will not harm you.
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I see you have a photo of my mozzarella eyeballs on here, and apparently the blog you got it from was taking credit for it (including my photograph!) without providing credit back.
You can see the photo here in my instructable :

and also in my blog post from 2008

Thanks for sharing all these other great ideas!

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