Name That Weird Invention!

Steven M. Johnson comes up with all sorts of wacky inventions in his weekly Museum of Possibilities posts, but something's missing from his strange gadgets: names. Can you come up with a name for this one? The commenter suggesting the funniest and wittiest name win a free T-shirt from the NeatoShop.

Contest rules: one entry per comment, though you can enter as many as you'd like. Please make a selection of the T-shirt you want (may we suggest the Science T-shirt, Funny T-shirt, and Artist-designed T-shirt categories?) alongside your entry. If you don't select a shirt, then you forfeit the prize. Good luck!

Update: We have winners! First place goes to Craig, who suggested the name "Glockets", and the second place name is "The Smitten", suggested by Abby. Both win t-shirts from the NeatoShop!

this already almost sort of exists here in the uk.. check this out$ja=tsid:19899&parent_category_rn=207221&cmpid=aw_default&productId=1750126&categoryId=207229&langId=-1&catalogId=33056
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This one is hard; are the fingers stitched to the tummy? Or are they free-roaming? They appear to be detached, in a semi hands-free fashion. A person wearing this couldn't reach very far, but could maybe pinch or tickle someone close.


Thesaurus, XL Grey.
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The Smitten.

So, I realize it's more like gloves than mittens, but Shirt + Mitten = Smitten. And you're kind of hugging yourself, referencing another meaning of smitten.

I Heart Robots, Small, Light Blue.
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The Hug Resistant Hoodie - Buy it for that impulsive hugger in your life, built in gloves keep the offender from extending their arms for the unwanted hug.

ORLY Ladies L Serene Green
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