Bus Roof Garden

Pictured above is an artist's conception of what the Bus Roots project will look like upon completion. The team behind this venture hopes to plant gardens on the roofs of buses in New York City:

A public transit bus has a surface of 340 ft2. The MTA fleet has around 4,500 buses.

If we grew a garden on the roof of every one of the 4,500 buses in the MTA bus fleet, we would have 35 acres of new rolling green space in the city.

Link via The Presurfer | Flickr Photostream | Photo: Shane Rankinsoon Photography

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Who cares if it's a bad idea or not? People like to knock THIS kind of stuff, when there are so many EVIL bad ideas? This kind of stuff should always be funded, weather it succeeds or not. What if it turns out awesome?
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@14 @15: I think that what is annoying people is no the extra carbon foot print that people might be deciding to leave. It is more along the lines that whom ever came up with the idea does not seam to understand that of all of the places that one could put a garden a buss roof is just about the worst idea. There is the roofs of building, you could cover the side walks with trundles and have vines grow over, you could go up the sides of buildings adding planters. Hell even hanging shit from a helium balloon is a less silly idea.
All that would be accomplished with adding gardens to buses is increased pollution, more accidents, ratty looking plants, wasted gas, structural damage to the bus, and wasted money from actually implementing the thing.
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i mean seriously, lighten up people. hey think about this one: having a kid adds another carbon footprint. nobody with kids can legitimately claim to be greener than someone without kids. if you're all so concerned with saving the planet, maybe you should go out and kill some kids or something.

do you see why it's silly, then, to worry about 1,000lbs of extra weight on a vehicle that already weighs 24,000lbs?
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