How to Put Yourself Inside of a Coat

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Surprise! Allie Brosch of Hyperbole and a Half looks nothing like the cartoons she draws of herself. But she has some advice on how to put your coat on so you don't look like a fool this winter. -via Metafilter

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So glad she pointed out that the coat I'd be wearing would be my coat and not the one she had. That sure cleared up a lot of confusion! ;)
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Video is classic HaaH humor, which many of us love but some people will never get. I could just as easily picture all this done in her inimitable cartoon style. But now I can't stop pondering why she cartoons herself as such a completely different person. In the vid she seems nothing like the painfully-shy, uber-awkward, square-bodied, lazy-eyed, pee-in-her-pants-nervous wreck that she portrays herself to be in her drawings. In the vid she seems confident, in charge, and simply beautiful.
If I was going to cartoon myself, I'd make myself a foot taller, broader shouldered, and have a cape. Yet she does the opposite... Fascinating....
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nutbastard, you're so lame. see why below:

to the haters:
(i didn't say i hated it, it's just not funny)

hey, where's your funny internet video?
(like i said that video wasn't funny)

oh right, you don't have even one of them, or a blog that pays your bills.
(how can you be so sure? anyway, I also have a job that pays gazillions more that having a blog, trust me)

you're obviously qualified to rub stink on anything that doesn't meet your lofty standards.
(just like you're qualified to say the video is awesome)

sorry nutsy
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one last thing - anyone else notice that allie both looks and sounds like Emma Caulfield aka Anya from Buffy?

allie is younger of course but the resemblance is pretty amazing. even the awkward 'captain obvious' over-clarification is there.
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