DUI Scooters

There's a store in Clearwater, Florida that has a unique sign. It reads "DUI Scooters". This scooter dealership caters to people who have lost their driver's licenses, but need transportation. Under the law, riders of low-powered scooters don't need a license:

They have pedals, which may or may not be used, and run for up to 25 miles on an electric charge. They fit a state and federal description of "low-speed electric bicycles." Sunset Scooters gives customers copies of the law, recommending they laminate it and keep it with them.

"At first, we had some trouble with law enforcement basically not understanding what these were," Vitello said. "Even some judges were completely mystified. But now they all seem to be on board.

Link via Marginal Revolution | Photo: St. Petersburg Times

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Here in Delray Beach, recovery capital, we have called them DUI scooters for years. Usually, middle aged folks on scooters can be pegged as rehabbers who lost their licenses.
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We have this stuff in Indiana too. Though usually it's gas powered scooters that go about 35mph.

As a scooter rider who took the ABATE motorcycle course, this stuff really cheeses me off. A scooter is still a motorcycle. The same physics and safety issues apply. I see kids riding things like this and all I can think that they have no idea how real the danger is.

The problem here is that anything under 50cc engine is not considered a "real" motorcycle according to the BMV (no endorsement, no plate) so people just buy them and ride them and then do stupid things that endanger their lives and the lives of drivers around them.
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No big deal...grow up in NC calling it a liquor-cycle (pronounced liquor-sicle like popsicle).

Had a couple locals that never had a valid license and rode their 'sicles' to the store for some more alcohol.
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