Pink Cat Claimed

Over the weekend, a cat in Swindon, England was turned over to the RSPCA in a suspected case of abuse because it had been dyed bright pink. The shelter found the cat to be in good health, and could see that whoever dyed it had taken care to keep the dye out of the cat's face, leaving a white mask effect. Now the cat's owner, 22-year-old Natasha Gregory, has stepped forward and admitted she dyed the cat with food coloring to match her own pink hair.
"It's my favourite colour, I love it. I've dyed my hair pink and I adore pink clothes. Turning Oi! Kitty pink seemed like a good idea. I always wanted a pink animal - a bit like my hair.

"I read the instructions on the food colouring and there was nothing that would harm humans or animals. We eat the food the dye is used on, so I knew it wasn't toxic."

Miss Gregory has now contacted the RSPCA, who have been caring for Oi! Kitting, to ask them to return the animal. Officers have washed the cat since it was found, and its colour has faded slightly.

Link -via Arbroath

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I think the people who think this is animal abuse are animal abusers for sending their pets to the vet for everything, and torturing their cats by trapping them indoors. Come on! It's dumb, but it's not abuse!
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I'm more concerned about how the cat was taken in the first place. Looks pretty young to be outside on its own without supervision from the owner.

It's not a big deal, but it does show that maybe the owner thinks more of the cat as a toy than as an animal. It's more sad than anything else.
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Unless food coloring is somehow poisonous to cats, I don't see what the problem is.
Sure it's not something I would do, but I don't see the harm in it either.
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