6 Romantic Movie Gestures That Could Get You Prison Time

C. Coville of Cracked has a list of six romantic scenes in movies that, if people actually carried them out, would probably lead to a few years in the pokey. Such as running through an airport, bypassing security, in order to profess your love to someone before s/he gets on a plane and leaves forever. This occurs at the end of Liar, Liar, and is an exceedingly bad idea:

The exact same scenario actually happened late last year, in real life. A young man at Newark Liberty International Airport briefly crossed a security barrier to give his girlfriend a final goodbye kiss. Hell, it even happened at Christmas.

Of course, guards and fellow travelers, overwhelmed with such a display of true love and the Christmas spirit, surrounded the couple and clapped... Oh, wait, no. What really happened was that the breach was discovered, the terminal went into lockdown, and around 200 flights were delayed or canceled worldwide.

Once tracked down, the lovestruck man was given a fine and community service. A fair price to pay for romance, you say? Well, after this breach, everyone in New Jersey was so annoyed at this light punishment that moves to toughen laws are now advancing in the state legislature, which if passed could lead to up to 18 months imprisonment for similar acts in the future.

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very nice article. I did a deeper analysis of that article. Like:
What bad role models does Hollywood offer to our kids. Felonious movie heroes?


Hollywood movies glorify criminal heroes: how romantic!
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The fact that this initial incident happened in the "Liberty " airport makes this all the more ironic...

Thanks for stripping away everyones free will and freedom Yanks... Bloody good job... Pricks
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Have you never met a person who believed the stuff they saw in the movies were real? There is a TV show called Mythbusters. They constantly test various situations from movies to determine if they could actually work in the real world. For instance, I have known plenty of people who believed that you could cause a car to explode by shooting it. I have known plenty of people who believed that a car could drive thru all kinds of obstructions such as fences and fruit stands and not suffer any damage at all. I have known plenty of people who believe that a few grains of sodium in a gelcap is enough to blow a hole thru a wall. Mythbusters have tested these and lots of other movie myths and shown that they are not possible in real life.

When it comes to legal matters, there are tons more situations that are portrayed that are not real. For instance, I have known people who believe that if a police officer forgets to read Miranda rights then all charges have to be dropped against the person. I have known people who believed that you can legally drive like a maniac if the purpose of the drive is to get a person to the hospital. I have known people who believe that if they wanted to kill someone, all they have to do is trick the person into breaking into their home somehow. I know people who believe that all you need to get a conviction against a person is to trick the person into admitting something they knew that only the criminal would have known (so many Columbo episodes rely on this one).

It is a very good exercise to point out flaws like these in movies. You can actually surprise people with reality sometimes. There are things that are shown over and over in movies that people have begun to accept them as reality. Even if it is something shown in only one movie, pointing the problems with physics, legality, or safety is a good exercise. People seeing articles like these may start to think about other things they saw in movies that are not also in reality.
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