Halloween Steampunk Drill

Peter Montgomery made a name for himself in Glendale, California with his over-the-top Halloween decorations. This year, he plans to build a steampunk drill emerging from the earth! This picture is the concept art. Montgomery is trying to raise the necessary funds through Kickstarter, and will give credit and other prizes to those who donate. Also see pictures and videos of his Halloween creations from years past. Link -Thanks, Will!

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If that's the guy's house, he doesn't need to ask for money. Why should anyone donate to someone else's Halloween decoration? Give your money to a worthy cause.

Maybe a homeless/ women's/ animal shelter?

Not garbage like this.
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@SeaMonkey - I did not say it was wrong. I said I felt that it was inappropriate. If you are building something that you feel you are sharing with people, it should be out of your own pocket.

Example: It is your birthday. I want to bake you a cake. But I don't have any flour or eggs. Can you loan me some money?
This would be inappropriate.

This is all my opinion. I build things for our neighborhood, every year. Because I like to. Their gift in return is seeing the smiles or hearing about how much people enjoyed my "artwork", the next day. I do this on something called a "budget". I figure out ways to recycle materials from the previous years, or scour the salvage yards for materials. I set out a price limit that I cannot go over. If I find that I may go over budget, I change the idea or the materials.
This should not require donations from others to fulfill.
Again my opinion. I think it is tacky to ask for donations to build something that you are "gifting" to people.
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@Frau - Why shouldn't he ask? If you don't want to donate, fine, but why pass judgment on it being "wrong" to ask for help.

@VonSkippy - Did you check out the guy's site? He built a pirate ship one year and a crashed train the next. Not exactly "hipster flunky" material.
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@Aaron - make your book steam punk themed.

while a neat idea -I do not think it appropriate to ask for outside money for your Halloween projects. I create my decorations out of my love for the holiday and seeing people jump or getting a scare. I would never ask for donations to support my "art" . if you are going to create some sort of awesome Halloween yard decos, you should save up your own money and plan accordingly.
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