Spikey-Headed Dinosaur Discovered

The Kosmoceratops dinosaur, which roamed Utah 76 million years ago, may have had more horns on its head than any other dinosaur discovered. The Guardian talked with Scott Sampson, a paleontologist:

The animal, named Kosmoceratops, had an enormous two metre-long skull, was five metres from snout to tail and weighed an estimated 2.5 tonnes.[...]

Kosmoceratops, a relative of the more familiar Triceratops, had one horn over its nose, one over each eye, one protruding from each cheek bone and a row of ten across the frill at the back of its head.

"As far as we know it's the most ornate-headed dinosaur ever found, with so many well-developed horns on its head," Sampson told the Guardian.

Link via io9 | Image: Lukas Panzarin/PLoS

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"Spikey-Headed Dinosaur Discovered"

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