Man Left Vast Collection of Beer Cans After Death

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When you die, what do you want your legacy to be? Well, the "Beer Can Man" bequeathed his immense collection of (what else?) beer cans to the rest of world. Sean Tubridy wrote:

So the deal is these belonged to a guy known as "The Beer Can Man". He had a place in our building and collected these along with bar signs and all sorts of other stuff. He died a while back and these are being hauled away. They can't be recycled for the deposit because they are tin and steel.

By the end there were 12 trailer-size dumpsters of cans!

Thanks Hanan!

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"Can't be recycled"?!?
Steel scrap is worth quite a bit, so if there is as vast an amount as described then at least the cost of removal would be covered by a scrap dealer buying the metal.
If there really are 12 dumpster loads, then who-ever got to haul it away could make a bit of money out of it.
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My great-uncle Red collected beer cans for decades. He had some of the very first "cone-top" cans (they look like latter day brake fluid cans with the screw-top cap) and then lots of the old flat-tops that you had to use the church key openers on. He even inspired me to collect as a youth, but when I went to the military and found out my father gave the collection away while I was in boot camp!
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"Man Left Vast Collection of Beer Cans After Death"

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