Air Filtering Wallpaper

Blücher Technologies has created Saratech Permasorb -- a wallpaper that functions as an air filter:

The product is a “breathable, glass fiber/polyester nonwoven paper-like covering” containing absorbents that naturally capture toxins like PCB, PCP, pesticides, and radon—each of which were a de rigueur byproduct of construction during the 60s and 70s. The key to Permasorb’s functionality is a profusion of tiny, perfectly round black spheroids that resemble the most uniform collection of poppy seeds you’ve ever seen. As Blücher says, the size and shape of these are crucial: “particle size distribution, mechanical properties, and surface chemistry can be customized according to the requirements.”

Link via DVICE | Photo: Blücher Technologies

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Sooooooo... when this wallpaper has been on your walls for 10 years sucking up and concentrating toxins and you decide to sell your house, does it become an EPA TOXIC SUPERFUND SITE?????

Will the manufacturer stand behind you when the EPA guys come out in spacesuits or will they shrug their shoulders and go away.....
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so what happens when the paper has absorbed all it can, and it is dingy yellow gray in color?
I'll just stick to regular means of filtering the air in thhe house.
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"And here, ladies and gentlemen, we have the latest in breathable wallpaper now gearing up for high volume production. It's another amazing Blücher..."


"....Technologies product."
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