Things We Say Wrong

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OK now, how many grammar mistakes can you spot in this video? I am always on my kids' backs about running their words together or using words like "tooken." However, I've also learned that if you go on the internet and tell people they are doing something wrong (or "incorrectly," as this should be), you'd better do it perfectly or you're going to be raked over the coals! -via Geeks Are Sexy

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I don't mind how the language evolves, like how "cool" also means "great", but I can't stand lazy language. My mother used to drive me nuts with "Want to go with?"

If we're so darned civilized and special, can't we at least take the time out for a complete sentence and proper spelling? Since I've begun losing my hearing I've gotten even less patient with the spoken language.

At least any mistakes I make are legitimate errors and not willful ignorance and laziness.
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in a related pet peeve...i can't stand when an adult corrects another adults grammar. unless you are (truly) doing it because you care about the person and want to prevent them from an embarassing situation in, say, a business meeting or social settings. it seems to me that the majority of 'grammar correctors' seem to be doing so to show their knowledge - rather than to (truly) help the other person out. so if everyone could please stop doing that, i'd be much obliged.

ps, hopefully it goes without saying that i don't care to have my grammar errors scrutinized, analyzed and publicized. thank you.
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"Things We Say Wrong"

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