Badass Movie Weapons

Cool Material blog has a neat round-up of the most badass weapons ever used in the movies. This one above, of course, is from Evil Dead:

Chainsaws have quite a few different users: artists, loggers, Tree Surgeons (Yes, really.), and Ash from the Evil Dead series. Most of those people use the gasoline-powered, motorized, bladed bike-chain of death to do things involving trees. Ash has other ideas, chief among being the dismemberment of demons, people, zombies, and anything else that makes the mistake of pissing him off… even if that something happens to be his own hand. Besides, opposable thumbs are so much less efficient than a chainsaw arm. Yeah, it throws parts in every direction and makes a huge mess, but that’s what being a man is all about. Groovy.

See if you agree with the selections of the most badass movie weapons: Link

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"Badass Movie Weapons"

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