The Seventh Annual World Testicle Cooking Championship

Ozrem, Serbia hosted an international culinary competition in which chefs prepared the testicles of many different animals in creative ways:

The food — politely called "white kidneys" in Serbian — is believed to be rich in testosterone. In the Balkans, it is considered to help men's libido.

"The bulls' testicles are the best, goulash style," said last year's winner Zoltan Levai, stirring a metal pot heated by a wood fire and filled with vegetables and large testicles that he said were provided from a state-run slaughter house.

The festival — which includes dishes like testicle pizza and testicles in bechamel sauce flavored with a variety of herbs found in the region. via Jammie Wearing Fool | Photo (unrelated) of Texas calf fries by Flickr user austrini used under Creative Commons license

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Maybe a little gross to most of us, not stupid at all (I think I'd rather eat testicle pizza than my grandfather's favorite breakfast of scrambled eggs and cow brain) and certainly a neat enough story for NEATORAMA.
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As gross as it may sound, I have always wanted to try Rocky Mountain Oysters. A friend of mine and I have a wager going on that if the opportunity ever presents itself, I would eat a whole plate of them if he buys them. Anyone ever had Rocky Mountain Oysters before? What do they taste like and am I in for a delicious treat or a world of hurt puking my guts up? They look pretty good.
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