Paper Rings from Books

Artist Jeremy May carves holes into books and laminates the results in order to create rings. Pictured above is a ring made from Margaret Atwood's The Edible Woman.

If you were able to wear a book as a ring like this, which book would you choose?

Link via DudeCraft

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I just want to toss out there that books sometimes are damaged or so outdated that it's not possible to give them away or use them any longer, and this would be a lovely way to memorialize a favorite battered tome.
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@A Noun

I see you need a further explanation. The book as an object is sentimental to the person who wears the ring. The memory of its content is in the mind of the person wearing the ring, so the wearer knows it's not just a stack of text books. If that wasn't the point you were getting at, explain it, or I'll just assume you never had a point in the first place. Personally, I wouldn't bother doing this, just looking at the methodology of why someone would.
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This is just so... wrong.
You maim a book bad enough to kill it in order to get... what? A plastic barbie-doll ring that's supposed to show you like books? That's just having your head up the 7th planet, that is.
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