Low Bridge

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There's a railroad trestle over Gregson Street in Durham, North Carolina that has a clearance of only 11 feet, 8 inches. Truck drivers have been crashing into it since as early as 1956. The above video shows 13 crashes taking place there over a 13 month period, but the link is to a site chronicling even more crashes at the site over more than 50 years. Link via The Presurfer

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I agree with Tom123, how hard is it to figure out that a truck a month would quickly add up to "millions of dollars" not to mention any collateral damage to pedestrians or other motorists... *easily* cheaper to raise teh bridge!
Sounds like a good project to burn up some ObamaBucks!
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I know a place in Texas with a low bridge like this. About 100 feet before the bridge in either direction there is a series of metal tubes strung from a line. If you can pass under them then you have plenty of clearance. If you do not then you had better stop and find another way. A pretty cheap way to warn drivers.
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I lived in an apartment overlooking a 8'9 tunnel in Newark, DE. Someone got stuck about once a week. What's baffling is that certain Uhauls had a 8'6 clearance but would not fit in the tunnel. I know this because the Uhaul I rented to move in had a big sign in the cab, "THIS TRUCK WILL NOT FIT UNDER THE CASHO MILL BRIDGE." So maybe their trucks had an 11 foot clearance but were (obviously) mislabeled.
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We have a bridge like this in Iowa City. About 100' before the bring are some chains dangling down a bout two feet lower than the bridge, from a line stretching across the street. If the noise of these whacking the top of your truck does not make you stop, nothing will.
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Speaking of dips on the road...

Tom123, it's millions of dollars to raise the level of a train bridge.

It would make sense to put something for trucks to bash into before they get to the bridge. Also a good psychological deterrent.
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