Cat Saves Owner from Pit Bulls

A 97-year-old woman owes her life to her cat Tiger. Sophie Thomas of Clare County, Michigan was caring for her lawn when a pack of dogs approached.
Thomas says, “All of a sudden these four pitbulls came marching in and they surrounded me. They kept going around and around. One of them kind of lunged for me and I hit him on the head and he backed off. Then another came towards me and I was scared stiff. I gave him a wack. All of a sudden, my cat jumped in the middle of it."

The cat ran towards the garage and the dogs chased after giving Ms. Thomas just enough time to run inside. Fearing the worse for her pet, she waited, and washed her wounds in the sink. That’s when she spotted Tiger at the door. Thinking back she says she owes the cat her life.

Thomas says, "I always thank god that my cat came because she was the one that really helped me out."

Ms. Thomas suffered minor injuries. The dogs are in quarantine for ten days. Link (with video) -via Arbroath

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People like the dog owner put my own family in danger. People see these "dangerous pitbull" stories and have a knee jerk reaction to implement a breed ban on all "dangerous" dog breeds, and THATS what puts my family in danger (My husband and I would be devestated to lose our pitbull Copper, or our Rottweiler Ruby and our 3 cats would miss their best friends).

These people turn dogs into dangerous weapons, then are rarely seriously punished. The dogs get taken away and put down and the owners are free to find another dog to turn into a weapon. There needs to be tougher laws against bad owners.
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@ Cool Earl

It is called Detroit

A combination of white flight and the ruin of the American Auto industry has made that city worse off than most third world Hell-holes.
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What kind of area do you suppose this incident took place? Broken windows and doors all over a house. People who keep 4 large aggressive dogs in a single room. Where are Ricky and Julian?
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Wait a second, I just read the article, did y'all notice this??
"She has several broken windows and doors at her home and claims she will fix them soon so that something like this doesn't happen again."
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