Bridge Built for Mice over Road

A new road near Pontypridd, UK obstructs the travels of dormice -- a mouse species that lives in the area. So to accommodate the dormice, the local government built wire mesh bridges that the rodents can use over the road:

The bridges consist of wire mesh tubes suspended between trees and tall poles.[...]

When completed, the tubes will be solid mesh to stop the dormice falling out.

As dormice live in trees as opposed to on the ground, their routes have to stretch between trees instead of along underpasses used by, for example, hedgehogs and badgers.

Link via DVICE | Photo: Wales Online

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Haha this is crazy... I live about 10 miles from here and wondered what they were for! It's the new road which opened 08/08/10 to ease traffic between pontypridd and talbot green. Nice to see some local news on this awesome site!
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Although dormice have a mouse-like appearance they are not mice. They are both part of the Rodentia order but belong to two different families: Gliridae and Muridae respectively.

There is only one species of dormouse in the UK, so there is probably a strong argument for protective measures such as this. Ever looked at the actual costing for a highway? £190k is nothing anyway.
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I think the story here is not why it was built but why in hell in cost £190,000 to build it. Thats the scandal of it. Someone got very rich out of the council's gullibility.
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