The 5 Most Ridiculous Martial Arts Movies Ever

We don't usually go see martial arts movies because of the plot, but there are a few that stretch credibility to its utmost limits. Cracked investigated these movies. Take, for example, Heart of the Dragon, one of two movies in this list about mentally-challenged martial arts experts.
...when we first meet Danny, he's goaded into ordering all kinds of food from an expensive restaurant for his friends, none of which he can pay for. He's embarrassed and wants to go home. This is a mentally challenged man who's been taken advantage of by people he thought he could trust. Tragic.

At least, it would be if the staff at the restaurant didn't respond by instantly kung fu-ing the ass of a clearly disabled man, complete with wacky sound effects--every punch to his stomach sounds like Moe beating up on Curly.


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What about "Fist Of The North Star"?

What's not to love about martial arts movies where characters' heads spontaneously explode with no explanation?

Joe Bob sez "Check it out."
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fun fact: The US release of Jackie Chan's The Legend of Drunken Master is actually a redub of Drunken Master II. The original features an ending scene wherein Fei-Hung is practicing blind boxing, having been made blind and somewhat retarded from ingesting industrial alcohol in the final fight scene in the steel mill. It was cut from the US release which is why he's mysteriously absent in the final scene.
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American-made martial arts movies just tend to be (a couple)good or (most of them) bad, and not in an entertaining way. Japan/Korea/China make insanely ridiculous martial arts movies that aren't good or bad...they just ARE. And they know how ridiculous they are, too, which is great.

Gotta agree with vonskippy for almost all the martial arts movies I've ever seen.
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