Negative Product Placement

There's a cunning new marketing strategy in which some fashion firms are engaging. They find a celebrity that they think that people dislike and send their competitor's products to that person. This is, allegedly, how Snooki from Jersey Shore ended up with an expensive Coach handbag. It was sent to her by Coach's rivals:

Allegedly, the anxious folks at these various luxury houses are all aggressively gifting our gal Snookums with free bags. No surprise, right? But here's the shocker: They are not sending her their own bags. They are sending her each other's bags! Competitors' bags!

Call it what you will — "preemptive product placement"? "unbranding"? — either way, it's brilliant, and it makes total sense. As much as one might adore Miss Snickerdoodle, her ability to inspire dress-alikes among her fans is questionable. The bottom line? Nobody in fashion wants to co-brand with Snooki.

Link via Marginal Revolution | Photo by Flickr user university.unions used under Creative Commons license

I guess the theory is that the people that can actually afford that overpriced crap don’t want to end up looking like overvalued garbage. But then again, even bad publicity is still publicity.
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I never heard of the Coach brand until I went to the Mall of America last weekend. The only thing impressive about the bags are the prices. My daughter mowed lawns all summer to save up for the trip and she considered paying $50 for a Coach wallet!

I convinced her not to.
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brilliant... except that snookie has droves of possibly legally retarded groupies who are, in fact, stupid enough to buy cheap gaudy garbage at a 1000% markup.
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Oops, tryped that in the wrong tab. It was taking so long to load that I got bored and started commenting on something else and got tangled up.

Anyway - what I /meant/ to say was...

I can just imagine the next Bond film with the obtrusive product placement - BMW provide a fleet of Aston-Martins for him to have dreadful trouble with.
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Wow, we sure live in a strange world.
Someone needs to coin a new phrase for these reviled 'celebrities'.

I loathe trying to explain these things to my grandmother if she asks...
'so who is this horrible snooker girl?'
'well, everyone hates her'
'why is she popular?
'well, because she's a horrible little troll.'
'what does she do? does she sing or act?'
''no, she is just a human trainwreck.'
'and she's popular for this?'
'I don't understand.'
'me neither grams, me neither.'
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