Futurama Writer Created and Proved a Mathematical Theorem Just for One Episode

I haven't seen it yet, but apparently last night's episode of Futurama required a mathematical formula to explain a plot element. Producer David X. Cohen is noted for leaving real mathematical statements on screen during the show and had a staff mathematician compose an original theorem for that episode:

In an APS News exclusive, Cohen reveals for the first time that in the 10th episode of the upcoming season, tentatively entitled “The Prisoner of Benda,” a theorem based on group theory was specifically written (and proven!) by staffer/PhD mathematician Ken Keeler to explain a plot twist. Cohen can’t help but chuckle at the irony: his television-writing rule is that entertainment trumps science, but in this special case, a mathematical theorem was penned for the sake of entertainment.

Link via Geekosystem | Image: Fox

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I could tell some sort of math proof was taking place, but it went way over my head. It was just fun to hear the different voices out of the crew's mouths. Bender as a girl, smoking a cigar and gawking at a lady robot, ha.

Very confusing, but entertaining, episode. My favorite episode remains the Late Philip J Fry.
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when they first posed the brain swap problem, I started trying to work it out on paper. Wouldn't work with 1 added person but could with two (4 total). Totally felt like they were playing up that proof in the episode and announced the solution at the end.

Most awesome.
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The new shows, after the years-long hiatus, are the funniest yet. It seems that the writers are going nuts, and not holding back.

"The Late Philip J. Fry" episode was one of the funniest 20 minutes of TV in a long time. Not just funny as hell, but moving also - without giving anything away .... anyone who hasn't seen the episode should do so!
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