$35 Tablet Computer in Action

How much does that iPad cost again? It's going to have stiff competition from this $35 Tablet computer from India.

The $35 tablet computer made headlines a few weeks ago, and some had dismissed it as vaporware. Now, NDTV has a video clip of a prototype of the tablet computer in action: Link [embedded YouTube]

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I don't think many people are saying the tablet itself is vaporware - they're saying there is NO WAY it can be made in any quantity shy of 24 trillion to reach that price point.

Just like the OLPC fiasco - first it was $50/ea then when the prototype was released it was $99/each and then reality set in and it's a $250 piece-o-crap that nobody wants and can easily be replaced by numerous Netbooks off the shelf at Walmart for less money.

Besides - there are more studies showing that technology interferes with learning then there are that shows it helps.
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The One Laptop Per Child initiative is real. Sad part is you need to buy 2, one for the child in order to get yours.
The last time I checked it's about 350 for the two.

This on the other hand will blow up in price if, and that's a big if, it comes to the states.

It may go the way of the Indian Tata as far as the price going out of reach of those who really need it after the safety commission and good old american import/export taxation.
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I'll believe it when I see it. For $35, how bad could it be that you'd be mad if it was junk? It'd be cheaper than many of those digital picture frames if that's all you used it for.

I've still never seen one of those $100 computers that were supposed to take over the world a few years ago.
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