Chair Zaps You If You Slouch

Do you slouch when you work? Got bad posture? Want to get rid of the bad habit?

Forget your mom's nagging ... zap away bad posture with the Posture Feedback Chair by John Morrell and Jean Zheng of Yale University:

The idea though of a nagging, albeit gentle, buzz to ergonomically set you upright is a good one - maybe better for some than others. Figuring that those who don't want to be reminded would not purchase the chair, the Posture Feedback sitter would likely be motivated to respond to the vibrations by making positive ergonomic changes to their posture. A goal might be to reduce the number of nagging vibrations over a period of time.

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The chair is great, but only for the most severe cases - it's just not cost effective for most people.

vonskippy - you're right, there's a lot of inertia as a result of bad habits becoming deeply ingrained over many years. Few people pay any attention to their posture unless they're determined to correct it, either for appearance-sake (avoiding a hunch), or because an episode of back or neck pain has made their life a misery. But for employers, early intervention makes sense - they don't want to wait until you've developed such strong motivation because it means you'll be underperforming or taking sick leave because of your pain.

I've developed a much simpler, lower-cost and less "zappy" solution to help people who are committed to correcting their posture: award-winning software that monitors your posture with a webcam and reminds you whenever you sit in a damaging posture for an extended period.

There's a free 30-day trial download on my website, - give it a try for you and your family.
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Unless it's around 1/5 the current of a taser - it will never work. Slouching habits develop way before people get to the office desk chair stage of their life - and with that much inertia, a simple buzz or small zap won't do much to correct it.
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