10 Headache Medicines of Yore to Avoid

Got a headache? Well, nowadays you pop an ibuprofen or two, but back in the '30s, your choices of meds were very, very different.

In 1932, the Modern Mechanix magazine published a story that outlined the dangers of 10 patent medicines for headaches:

THERE are ten drugs often contained in patent headache medicines which are so dangerous that every purchaser should look carefully for them on the label before buying or using the remedy.

Three are opiates, including opium, morphine and heroin. All three may cause the drug habit and should only be used under direct supervision of a competent physician. Three more habit-forming drugs are cocaine, and the similar drugs, alpha eucaine and beta eucaine.

Chloroform, the anesthetic, cannabis indica or Indian hemp, an oriental drug, chloral hydrate, used in the infamous “knock-out drops”, and acetanild, which has a powerful depressant action on the heart and blood circulation, complete the list.

Original post at Modern Mechanix

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Isn't it funny how much less of a problem drug addiction was back then when you could by cocaine, heroine, and morphine at your nearest drug store and it was cheap.
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The good old days, when drug problems were still a medical problem rather than a criminal problem. People didn't break into your house or mug you to get drug money, because drugs were cheap and legal. The only drug that drug gangs were selling was alcohol.

Check out LEAP

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.
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