A Tsunami of Chihuahuas

The SPCA in Victoria, British Columbia suddenly has 43 chihuahuas. General manager Penny Stone is glad they are small. She took a call from a woman who asked if she could bring in ten dogs to give away.
“When she came in, she kept taking more out of her car saying, ‘Can you take more? Can you take more? Can you take more?’ ” said Stone. “Finally, we went out to her car. She had a Mustang convertible full of chihuahuas.”

The woman dropped off 33 chihuahuas on Wednesday and nine more on Thursday morning. One of the chihuahuas gave birth to a puppy on Thursday, bringing the total to 43. All but six of the dogs are under the age of two.

“I think she was a very nice lady who was in way over her head,” said Stone. “She was probably in a situation where she started with one chihuahua and it had babies. People get attached to them and feel that nobody can do as good a job [caring for them], so they end up keeping them. Then other people find out she is the chihuahua lady — her boss died and gave her 12. Pretty soon, her babies are having babies and it’s out of control.”

The shelter is seeking donations for the dogs' care and looking for adoptive homes as well. http://www.timescolonist.com/life/SPCA+swamped+with+tsunami+chihuahuas/3378590/story.html -via Metafilter

(Image credit: Adrian Lam/Times Colonist)

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Penny killed a two year old dog, that was brought to her for readoption. Isn't it strange now that two dogs in Victoria have been either killed or seriously injured by deer, she has no comment on those two incidents. Ricky, a healthy, beautiful, two year old dog that was killed ,for biting a deer that charged his family. You will only hear the sob stories of how she saves some small, maimed dog, not the dogs she euthanized without owners knowledge or consent or without assessing or even looking at the dog. Victoria needs to find a real hero not one that rules with terror over unsuspecting dog owners. .Lets hope no more larger dogs meet the fate of Ricky, don't worry the 43 miniature dogs with the sob story in the paper and on the news were saved, nice public relations work.
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Good News!
All of the dogs have already been adopted. There were people lined up outside the SPCA today to adopt the dogs. Hopefully they will all be as well loved as they deserve to be :)
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