Does Facebook Need a "Meh" Button?

You can "Like" someone's Facebook status update, comment, or picture. But the company has declined to add a much lobbied-for "Dislike" button. It is, perhaps, too harsh an expression for the refined manners of Facebook users. So Kevin Murphy offers this alternative: a 'Meh' button. It would express, Murphy argues "I tepidly accept this thing that you are writing about or showing me on Facebook."

What say you, Neatoramanauts? Does Facebook need a 'Meh' button?

Link via Geekosystem

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I appreciate the Like button: I think it's tidier to click on it to show your enjoyment of a post than adding some inane, useless comment like "lol" or "Cool!" Obviously anyone with more to say can still comment further, but for most reactions, pushing a button and joining a tally is more than enough.

The "meh" button implies indifference and apathy. Those subtexts have their place, to be sure, but aren't any substitute for an active dislike.

The main advantage to a "dislike" button that I see is offering solidarity for the bumps in life. "I got locked out of my house again"-- "liking" or even "meh-ing" that makes you look like a jerk (assuming your relationship with said friend doesn't involve lots of teasing).

Surely I am not the only one here who only has people I'm actually interested in (and not their apps) come up in my feed? If you (general you) so often feel the need for a "you're wasting my time" button, either you need to get off FB or remove the offending party...or do you not care so much you can't stand to see your friend count go down, even if it would give you less to whine about?
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I think Facebook needs to get rid of the like button, not add a Meh button (or a dislike button). Since when is typing a few words in the comment box too hard for people that they can't be bothered to do more than click a button? What's next? A button we can click every time we sign on, instead of posting a status message?

Love your blog btw. First time visitor. :)
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No one needs a Meh button. "Casually dismissive" is a reaction that hardly needs to be unleashed on the world any further than it already is."Meh" is the ultimate non-reaction reaction. It serves literally no purpose than for someone who has no opinion to celebrate that fact. It is the equivalent of a bumper sticker, t-shirt or Successory poster that says "I have nothing to say."
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