The Deer Magnet

We've all had a string of bad luck - but Kacee Larson's is quite unusual. The Iowa teen has earned the nickname "Deer Magnet" after hitting 5 deer in the past year:

Seventeen-year-old Kacee Larson of Conrad said her string of bad luck began last July when she was driving home from her job at an ice cream shop. She saw the deer an instant before hitting it.

Larson's second collision happened a few months later, while she was driving to church on a Sunday morning.

The streak continued. After Larson hit her fourth deer, her pastor's wife advised her to start praying before she got into a vehicle.


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I actually hit a hawk with my Jeep the other night. I didn't think that was possible. It was dark and he was munching on some dead animal in the middle of the road. By the time I saw him, he took flight but it was too late. He only got about headlight high and I smacked him with the grill of my car and he went flip flopping into the woods. I've hit deer before, but never a hawk. How do you hit a hawk? Strange.
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to those who say 'she should slow down' - have YOU ever hit a deer? do you think you can avoid something that bolts out in front of your car when you're going a snail like 25mph? because you can't. go see how quickly you can stop from 25mph. if it's more than half the length of your car, you're boned. Combine that with rural roads where the speed limit is upwards of 45mph and it’s obvious that whether or not you hit a deer depends more on the deer than anything.

with that in mind, statistically you're better off driving *faster* - less time spent on the road means less chance of encountering a deer.
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