Mama Bear Frees Baby Bear from Net

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A baby bear got caught in a fisherman's dip net. Human residents at the homestead tried to safely remove the bear, but mama bear stepped in to solve the problem. The action starts at 0:50.

via Urlesque

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Good vid. Perhaps the truck reverse was to attempt to release the cub from the net. I would have done exactly the same as the person reacted. It seems, being Canadian and living with bears, you have to assert a sort of dominance when you interact with them. The horn honk. I think perhaps that bear will try to avoid his house in the future, and not just from the netting.
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@gryt - "Would any of you geniuses approach a bear mom, with her cub in distress no less? "
Having had a recent rash of bears dawdling through my neighborhood - NO. If I see a bear cub with it's head stuck in the drain gate, and mama trying to free it - I let her do her thing. If she cannot manage after what I feel would be an appropriate amount of time, I call Fish and Wildlife. Let them handle it.

{RANT}It is unfortunate though that this would have to be done. Food for bears has gotten scarce in this area, so many are roaming inhabited areas looking for food.
Stupid idiotic morons leave food out for the bears. Or they leave bird feeders out, forget to clean their BBQ grills. Leave grass clippings fermenting in a trashcan.
These people who think it would be helpful to the bears or think it is cute to see a bear in their yard are in fact harming the bears.
Twice as many bears this year so far have had to be euthanized because they have become accustomed to people and have no fear anymore.
A fed bear is a dead bear. {/rant}
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Everyone here is an expert... Thing is they were trying to HELP, which I applaud them for, and they could hardly do that ON FOOT with the momma bear right there, now could they? Would any of you geniuses approach a bear mom, with her cub in distress no less? And I'm guessing the guy had some kind of tool in the car that he was going to cut the net with, and he needed to get close to the cub and get the momma away, to be able to do that. THINK.
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