Porsche Modded with a Boeing Jet Engine

How do you make a Porsche 928 even better? Add a Boeing turbine jet engine!

Bonus: flame shooter lets you roast marshmallows while you're out impressin' the ladies with your lil' sports coupe!


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@Elnots it's not fake it is a jet turbine engine from a helicopter, like Jay Leno's ecojet car neither use thrust to move the cars. Helicopters use jet engines for there power, no ICE could generate enough power or high enough RPM's to generate lift on large helicopters. There are jet engines convert the energy into mechanical energy instead of using thrust like on a plane. The car isn't fake either I have seen the engine bay in pics and there is a jet engine in there, the car was on sale months back. If your argument is about size, there are currently micro jet engines that are power generators that can fit just about anywhere but it is a new technology. There are many cars out there that are powered by thrust from jet engines and rocket motors. There is a 1957 (might be wrong on the year) Bel Air that has a jet engine in it's truck and the motor still up front. The thing is so trick because he closes the trunk and you can't see the jet engine so it looks normal when just driving down the street, it's worth doing a search for.
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I call fake! Boeing turbofans can't fit under the hood of a car, specially one that small. Plus, jet engines work by exhaust creating force. It's the reason why when a plane lands, it rev's up it's engines and throws it into reverse. They do it by cupping the exhaust from the turbofan and channeling it forward.

This set up would push the car right into the ground.
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