When Baby Dreams Come to Life

Adele Enersen , a mother living in Helsinki, Finland, came up with a fun and creative idea. When her baby Mila is sleeping, Adele imagines what she might be dreaming. These imaginary images are then staged, photographed and published on her blog. Link - via A Whole Lotta Nothing & Laughing Squid

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Adele, let your baby sleep. Honestly, yeah the whole thing is "cute" but you aren't looking at that. You are looking for attention, because you are probably a bored house wife who has nothing better to do then take pictures of your baby asleep! Why can't you do that during the day when, you know it would be most memorable! I'm going to be a mother and I would NEVER do that to my child! It is a totally insane idea and it is one that will never blossom to become anything. You are just seeking attention, and let me tell you, you got it are you happy! Now that you have some dignity to yourself, you should just stop this all together.
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Geesh, don't you guys even check your other blogs.

Exact same story posted 3 days earlier on Neatobambino.


Just consolidate them already - you're diluting your readership by making them browse thru three separate blogs.
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They are all adorable and clever, but my favorite is "Oh What a Circus".

I've often maintained that I would like babies better if they would sleep until they were eighteen.
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That's really creepy. It's like those pictures the Victorians used to take of dead people.

Maybe one or two sleeping pictures of your child are fun, but a whole series of them?

Yeah, sure, she's concocted a whole group of supposed dreams - cute idea, I guess. But all together? Seems a little exploitative. And creepy - did I say creepy already?
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