Universe Inside A Black Hole

All this time, it turns out that we may just be living inside a black hole. Physicist Nikodem Poplawski of Indiana University posited that inside each black hole there could exist another universe:

"Maybe the huge black holes at the centre of the Milky Way and other galaxies are bridges to different universes," Poplawski says. If that is correct - and it's a big "if" - there is nothing to rule out our universe itself being inside a black hole. [...]

How would we know if we are living inside a black hole? Well, a spinning black hole would have imparted some spin to the space-time inside it, and this should show up as a "preferred direction" in our universe, says Poplawski. Such a preferred direction would result in the violation of a property of space-time called Lorentz symmetry, which links space and time. It has been suggested that such a violation could be responsible for the observed oscillations of neutrinos from one type to another.


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This is the absolute best explanation I have come across that would explain the laws of physics for our universe. The spin rate and the amount of matter surrounding our universe would dictate the laws of physics, including the constant speed of light and gravity among other things. It could also explain relative things such as speed and size. Speed and size have yet to be explained by todays physics, since these things are relative to something else.

For example, no matter how much we think we are at rest, we are always moving at great speeds. The earth is rotating around its axis, the earth is rotating around the sun, the sun/solar system is rotating around the milkyway and so on....So today we don't have any idea really how fast we are moving. This theory at least provides a "spin rate" and from that we could at least descern our speed with respect to the rate of spin of our universe (black hole).

Size is another factor, what defines how large an electron is? We measure it relative to something else. Inside a spinning black hole, with an equal pull in all directions could dictate the size of things, the basic speed of everything, and explain the physics of the universe we live in.

This theory only needs the math now.....Where is Einstein?
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This is fascinating. It made me realize that black holes are not mere stellar phenomenon but are actually errors in our universe, breakdowns of the fabric of time and space. Then the big bang would have been caused by the formation of the blackhole. It makes a lot of sense.
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That's it, I'm going to visit alternate universes with my experimental TV remote. I'll need a celebrity, a professor, and a supporting actress! Who's with me?
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When I hear about people making quick conceived theories about complexities that only a select few scholars have any sort of grasp of, I die a little inside. For the most part, it is the tolerance for meritless jargon that drives me off the cliff. Really, anyone could construct a hypothesis about a subject people know hardly anything about. It is an alight theory but it just seems to be blathered out to the world without any evidence other than the fact that anything can be possible when it comes to sci-fi.
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