Classic Tracts and Pamphlets

A Demon's Nightmare, Chick Publications (by Jack T. Chick, 1972)

Long before TV spots became de rigueur for politics, pamphlets and fliers were the medium of choice. Indeed, you can find "gripes, beefs, cavils and carpings" of all sorts in print.

Whatever your political/religious/environmental/scientific beliefs are, I'm sure you can take a look and marvel at the compendium of "classic" tracts and pamphlets put together by Gilbert Alter-Gilbert and Will Schofield of A Journey Round My Skull Blog:

By the late 1800s, submarine telegraph pamphlets and suffrage tracts were all the rage. Fifty years later, airborne leaflets were routinely disseminated from aircraft for propaganda purposes. Today, despite the inroads of rival media, pamphlets and tracts still make the rounds of shopping malls, parking lots, and other public concourses, because of the need to reach the "man in the street."

As a conveyance for exchanging animadversions, as a platform for socioeconomic argument, as a substitute for soapbox or pulpit, as a megaphone through which to decry the wreckage and carnage of civilization, as a conduit for sermon, sanction, gospel or grimoire, ad hoc credo or instant ideology, the tract or pamphlet has no rival.

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I still find these things left in books in bookstores. I have to laugh at the mindset that seems to think a ten page pamphlet of cartoons is an effective rebuttal to an entire shelf of books on evolution.
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"Classic Tracts and Pamphlets"

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