The Feet Are The Foundation Of The Opossum

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Does your opossum need a pedicure? This video will tell you all you need to know. Just choose the polish colour. (If it gets restless give it a grape.)

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So, I did a little research, and it turns out ME Pearl is actually actress/mime/acting coach Anna Dresdon. Figures.
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Looks like I'm out in left field again. I didn't watch the video because I think the idea is truly DUMB. Why can't this brain dead woman leave the poor thing alone. She is pretty sick along with ignorant. Now for the good news. I've been more or less tossing stuff out for my local possum for years now. Even named him (?) Opie. It is so ugly I had to like the bugger. He's gotten really BIG bordering on fat. GGGG Other night I saw a smaller one so I assume it's Opie Jr? They are natures garbage cans and eat almost anything including dead animals. That's a good thing. I figured dog food would go over so I buy some cans. Not wanting the local cat to eat it I crack open an uncooked ramen noodles square and make a sandwich with the dog food. He really likes it. GGGGGG Anway I think he's neat. Wouldn't want to pick one up am sure they have teeth. Not to mention possibly being rabid.

(hope he bites her dumb ass)
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This is great. I found the web site it references, which offers life-changing advice from a deceased squirrel, and links to actual wildlife rescue info for the serious.

Possums are very nice animals (and yes, they are wildlife, not for domestication unless non-releasable for some reason). Don't be a hater.
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