Animated Minimalist Movie Posters

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This delightful animation by Pascal Monaco brings 35 minimalist movie posters to life. I recognized 7. How many can you identify?

»35mm« is a shortfilm about cinema itself. We picked 35 of our favorite movies and tried to simplify them as far as possible. The outcome is a 2 minute journey through the history of film.

Concept / Layout: Sarah Biermann, Torsten Strer, Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco
Animation: Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco
Sound: Torsten Strer

Link - Via The Daily What

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You also have:
-Manhattan (glasses and Apple)
- Le Voyage dans la lune (sure about it)
- 9 1/2 weeks
The Chaplin movie are "The tramp" and then "The Dictator" (or only the Dictator because in the movie he plays the two parts)
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Here's what I was able to pick apart with several viewings. I've put a ? where I'm not so sure and double ?? when I'm stumped:
Singing in the rain (notes falling)
Titanic (iceberg)
Jaws (music cue and teeth)
Woodstock (peace sign)
? Full Metal Jacket (bloody peace sign)
Psycho (blood down drain
? Carrie (Bloody Dress)
Gold Rush (Chaplin roll dance with forks in shoes)
Taxi driver (single taxi sign)
? - Something with multiple taxis?
Cuckoos nest (oversized egg in nest)
? -Cracked egg ?
? - Eight hats ?
? - Gone with the wind
Snow white (seven hats and an apple and bite)
? Ray (music cue with glasses)
Blues Brothers (two dark Raybans)
Terminator (Red dot in glasses)
Star Wars (Stormtrooper face)
? - video game ?
Pulp Fiction (glowing opening case)
? - two cross smiley face?
Omen (inverted cross and bell)
Exorcist (cross insertion)
North by Northwest (plane propeller over grid/field)
Toy Story (green three eyed alien and sound cue)
Fight Club (single flash of pink soap)
Clockwork orange (gear outlined eye)
? Gears in circle ?
? Two clocks ?
Lost highway (headlights on road)
? Chaplin (hat and moustache) could be another Chaplin film
? red circle with rectangle ?
Rear Window (binoculars in window)
? Heart with dividers and doors?
Tin Drum (drum)
? Some kind of vampire reference I'm not sure of – Dracula? Nosferatu ?
Battleship Potemkin
? Apollo 13 (rocket to moon) – could be Le voyage dans la lune
Easy rider (star on red field that turns to highway)
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