Science Can Tell What You're Dreaming

In Leonardo DiCaprio's latest movie Inception, characters can enter other people's dreams - in reality, science isn't that far behind:

In one experiment, for example, researchers wired up a sleeper and connected him to a robot that was programmed to act out the motions of the dreamer. For example, the robot used data about the dreamer's eye position to know in which direction to look.

Brain waves can be studied and translated into actions – for example, brain imaging technology can tell whether a person is having a nightmare or dreaming about flying, Barrett said.


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Yes it is science. And Deirdre Barrett is a legitimate researcher at Harvard Medical School (well, if you think evolutionary psychology is legitimate.) Don't confuse the science with Remy Melina's hyperbolic brokerage. Not every scientist appreciates having their research caricatured by science journalists or even staffed communication officers.
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I agree with the first comment. This is not really science. Plus, even if it was, it's still misleading to say that "science can tell you are dreaming" because imitating eye-movements and guessing if the person is having a nightmare or not is not equivalent to telling what exactly the person is dreaming about.
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