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The badger had been run over and killed more than a week earlier but council staff had failed to collect it.
As a result a team of line painters came across the roadkill in the centre of the highway as they daubed double white lines on an S-bend.

Rather than clearing the obstruction they stopped around 1ft short of the creature, walked past it and then continued the lines on the other side.

Link - via Fortean Times

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We had the parking lot repaved with asphalt. When they were finished we asked when they would be back to paint the lines for the parking spaces for the 4 units here. "We dont do that" the boss Al says as he is leaving. (Being professionals in business for many years I am sure they have many business parking lots, can you imagine a mall with no parking spaces?)We called the landlord and he said "Then they wont get paid until the job is complete", considering they were just painted before they repaved. So pounding on my door this morning he asked me to move my car (no notice) so they could paint t...he lines. After about an hour my wife went outside and looked. There we now only 7 spaces not 8. How do you explain to a tenant that they just lost their 2nd parking space but we all have our 2? Al says "We were told 7 spaces" (NOT TRUE no one told him that, there were 8 before they got there), then quickly changes the story to "We measured and split them up that way". The first spot measures 8'3", second and third spot measure 9'3", the fourth and fifth measures 111", the sixth measures 113" and the last spot measures 13'4". PURE INCOMPETENCE. The lesson he should learn as look at the whole picture and ask questions. His company still will not get paid until this is fixed.
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This happened in my city! Someone came along, scooped it up and now it's awaiting another paint job. You know, just in case you wanted to know...
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Bruce is right. Dead animals are a health risk, and they probably weren't equipped to handle the road kill.

Maybe the city didn't clean it up because it would require money and this is something nature will take care of on its own.

Kalel's reference is well received, however. Now we teach poodles to fly.
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