Chrissy's New Face

In October of last year, we learned of Chrissy Steltz's courage in the wake of a horrible accident that left her without a face. Now her prosthetic visage and surgery has been completed with painstaking accuracy to how she looked. Old photos and paints were used. For the first time in eleven years, Chrissy's loved ones get to see her again. That includes her infant son, who was the inspiration for her getting her face replaced.

KPTV has the compelling video. (May cause Uncanny Valley effects.)

(Video stills via KATU TV)

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Would be perfect if they could get the eyes and eyebrows moving. As it is it looks pretty good.

Even better that the doctors donated their time.
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splint: that's just like saying a girl who wears a short skirt deserves to be raped! Just because she was hanging around people who were not making the best choices, does not mean that she deserved this. She should be an inspiration to all
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That may be true Splint, but NOBODY deserves having their face blown off. EVER.

And I can only imagine how amazingly good it must feel to be the person who makes these prosthetic. Influencing lives in such a positive way must be a worthy endeavor.
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I'll use this example for my daughter. I always tell her to be aware of situations in which two or more stupid things are happening at once. For example, not wearing a seatbelt is stupid, but relatively harmless in a single instance. Not wearing a seatbelt and speeding is double stupids. Not wearing a seatbelt, speeding, and drinking alcohol is triple stupid and the chance of something bad happening is now prohibitive.

This poor girl was drinking with other people who were presumably drinking and driving, she was with people who where stealing and also playing with guns. Four stupids.
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I saw this on the news, and this womans long journey is truly inspiring. She never lets anything get her down. Now with her new face, she is just as beautiful outside as she is on the inside.
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