Estimating The Length of Celery

A few more fun submissions came in today for our GTFO talent contest. Check out this young neatoramanaut who can accurately estimate the length of things to the nearest centimeter just by touching it. SO... where's YOUR video? Submit it on our YouTube page for your chance to win!

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I'm not sayin' you cheated or anything Molly, and Mythbusters did something similar if I recall... but when you get used to the metrical system, accurate measures like that are difficult, yes... but not too difficult.
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XpAcErX- I did nothing to the celery beforehand. Knowing how big my hands are does help, in a way, but the real secret to my "trick" is that I'm just very spatially-oriented. I think.

John C- Come on, it's not that bad, right? I guess I could have chosen something less phallic, but I wasn't really thinking about it at the time.
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Way to be sexist neatorama.
Let's put a video up where a cute girl is filmed, but only really in the chest region. Then lets get her to grope a long piece of celery and have her guess the length.

Real nice. Keep it classy Neatorama.
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looks like she feels for markings on the back which tell her the length. either that or she knows the how big her hands are in centimeters and guesses from that. either way its just a trick.
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